I am Emmaquellette Akinyi, I was born in 1991 in Lodwar region where I grew up and went through Kawalase primary school, later I went to Turkana girls Secondary School and completed in the year 2013, my parents were unable to pay my college fees, this made me stay at home not knowing what to do and where to go. Life became very hard, as my parents could not provide for my upkeep and other personal belongings. I had a friend who used to run a tailoring shop within Lodwar town, so I used to go and pass time with her, I later devel- oped passion in taloring and decided to join her. My parents realized my passion in tailoring and encouraged me to continue, though I was not getting a lot of money, but I was somehow busy.



I joined CAPYEI-GIZ/SOGA in march 2017 where I studied Customer Relations in Hospitality course, besides that I was taken through a life skills training where I got a lot of counseling to meet the challenging part of life and took it very positively.

I was also taken through computer skills where I gained a lot and the most of it all, I was taken through entrepreneurship skills where I gained business skills relevant to grow my business. I have also met mentors who inspired me. I learnt a lot in entrepreneurship class, things I did not know. I am now able to keep my business and financial record records, how to grow my business and attract more customers in my business, how to diversify and add other side businesses.


I make school uniforms and besides that I make beads and door mat and operate an M-pesa shop. My business depends on customer demand. Through CAPY- EI-GIZ/SOGA managed to get how I can write a business plan to expand my business. I sell shukas, men clothes and ladies wears, I also make school uniforms and other clothes on demand.


I am planning to partner with wedding planners so that I design the bridesmaids╩╝ cloths and also make their wedding cakes. My facilitator introduced me to the youth officer who am currently working with to secure youth fund loan to boost my business, I have written a business plan which I will submit in the beginning of the year to youth office and I have also filled loan application forms. I also opened a business account where I plan to save then later apply for a bank loan.

My parents have been very supportive, and encourage me to continue working hard. I plan to employ two other people in my business, because since I left CAP training, the business has been growing.

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