I was born in 1995 in Garissa County as the fifth born of the family of six. My family later relocat- ed to Lamu County due to the challenges we were under going back at Garissa County. I never had the chance to complete my primary school education since during time at the lower primary both my parents passed on and I was left under the care of my aunt who due to the traditional beliefs and practice could not support my education. I had to endure a lot during my upbringing. My family is not financially well off. We used to live from hand to mouth. And during these sufferings I would question God why my parents had to die but I would still get encour- aged by my aunty that it was the will of God.

I spent most of my youthful time at home taking care of my younger siblings that is my younger brother and cousins. My role had become a house help which was hard to accept but with time I came through and felt I was okay with that. Sometimes my aunt was even contemplating of getting me married but I would run away from home when this idea arose.

This really disturbed me a lot especially imagining that I would get married at an early age.
I attained the age of majority, and this started to get worse because the support I was getting from aunt started declining. This forced me to think of a plan b about making money and I started thinking of starting a business but the idea of capital challenged me a lot. I would look for casual jobs which are also hard to get for my up keep. Most of the casual jobs I would get were washing clothes from house- hold to household.


One day during the month of January 2017, the town crier passed by making some announcements, it was common of him making announcement so the locals had developed a habit of not paying attention to what he was saying. He was also carrying some poster and the posters struck my attention and I decided to read the information.
It was about a program that was offering free training to the youths who are above 18 year to 28 years of age. The program was being run by CAP-YEI at Lamu Voca- tional Training Center. I made the decision to visit center enquire more about the program. At the center I was made to understand what the program is all about. The main aim is to equip youths with skills that they shall use in the future to improve their current status. I registered myself and letter was invited for an interview and I was selected among the many that were to undergo training. We underwent life skills training the first two weeks. The is meant to enhance individual transformation and also to get through inception of BEST model training


The business favored me since my target customers were the primary pupils and high school trainees who would purchase the items on their way back home. After one month of attachment I switched to cooking also in the morning and the evening. I would rise up at 4oʼclock in the morning to get ready and prepare whatever I was going to cook that day. To this day at least I have one lady who assist me with the business especially when am not around. I have also managed co accumulate savings which shall be of benefit to me in the future.


My advice goes to the ladies who feel that some courses are meant for the male child. But that perception has been changed by CAP YEI after the inception of the program. This has also increased my self confidence level. I can be able to address a crowd gathered and prior to the training I wouldnʼt manage to do so.

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CAP youth Empowerment Institute implements Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) model through public-private partnerships for its sustainability and scalability. CAP YEI mobilizes and enrolls qualified target of youth by involving grass root government officials, local CBOs, network of youth organizations, youth and community leaders, and religious gatherings. CAP YEI skills training is guided by labor force demand in each area where our training is located as informed by market scan research and revisits.