Vivian Pendo

Vivian Pendo

My name is Vivian pendo. Iʼm 22 years old. I come from a family of 6. I completed my KCPE Malindi Kings Academy. Due to lack of money, I was forced to do casual job, I had of EU-GIZ “Youth Empowerment and Employment Project in Kenya”
though the neighbor.


I studied Automobile course in addition to entrepreneurship training and computer studies. I had a lot of interest in the vehicles than in motorcycle in which my Facilitator helped me to develop my interest and he looked for me an internship in a company that deals both with motorcycles and vehicles.

The EU-GIZ “Youth Empowerment and Employment Project in Kenya” training is something to be emulated by other colleges as the focus is mainly on skills that you apply directly to the job market. My dream is true and I am now able to service the general services and repair to any customersʼ vehicle within the company regardless of what other people could see being that I am a lady possibly doing the work that is meant for men. I am proud of that and currently planning of opening my own garage in future and hoping that many people will consider my services as the best.


I am an intern at Car & General Auto garage where I continue to perfect my. The main challenge for me has been the notion that ladies are not meant to be mechanic according to society norms hence some customers doubting that the work I may have done to their vehicle may not be satisfactory. Thanks to the EU-GIZ “Youth Empowerment and Employment Project in Kenya” for initiating this program of empowering the youth and I pray that with the same spirit they reach other youths who are not capable of helping themselves.

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