Ukunda is a coastal town within Kwale County in the southern part of Mombasa mainly inhabited by the Mijikenda peoples of Kenya. Survey carried out last census put the population at about 62,526.The population is majorly Digos however, other tribes who settled in the county also take a larger part of the population. The settlers play a vital role in the economy of Diani beaches and nice hotels. Diani beach in Kwale County where Ukunda area is located was voted Africa’s leading beach destination for third time running since 2015.

The area is known for its coral reefs, black and white colobus monkeys and Shimba Hills national reserves, all of them great tourist attractions. Diani beach has restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and several shopping centers. Unfortunately, the largest part of the local population lives in poor status. Due to desperation of many youth in the area, many youth are radicalized into militia-like activities, drug abuse and some forms of begging from tourists who visit the beaches in Diani.

Involvement of CAP YEI in E4D-SOGA GIZ training program in Ukunda

Batches Enrolled Total Enrolled Total Trained Total Under Training Total Employed Employment Percentage Entrepreneurs
5 401 401 0 254 75%    85


CAP YEI established a demonstration center in Ukunda area corner beach matuga plaza just 100M from the Likoni Msambweni main road. Ukunda center is situated strategically where it is accessed by the vulnerable trainees of target communities, including Kombani, Msambweni, Kona Musa and Ukunda areas. The center has admitted and trained 5 batches since its inception to date. It has already enrolled 401 and currently doing mobilization for the fifth batch. We have been able to place about 75% of the youth into jobs while . A good percentage of the rest are already doing business.

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CAP youth Empowerment Institute implements Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) model through public-private partnerships for its sustainability and scalability. CAP YEI mobilizes and enrolls qualified target of youth by involving grass root government officials, local CBOs, network of youth organizations, youth and community leaders, and religious gatherings. CAP YEI skills training is guided by labor force demand in each area where our training is located as informed by market scan research and revisits.