CAP YEI Hola center is located in outskirts of Hola town in Tana river county. Tana river is one of the forty-seven counties in the republic of Kenya. The county takes its name from river Tana which is the largest river in Kenya. It is a county in the former coast province, Kenya with n area of 35,375.8 square kilometers and population of 262,684 according to 2009 census. The administrative headquarter of the county is Hola, where the government offices are established, this has resulted to a positive development of the area and encouraging the investors. Therefore need to provide technical services to the growing population. The county has three sub counties; Bura, Galole and Garsen

Involvement of CAP YEI in Hola

Batches Enrolled Total Enrolled Total Trained Total Under Training Total Employed Employment Percentage Entrepreneurs
1 25 0 25 0 0 0



CAP YEI established its Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) in 2011 after conducting market scan to establish skills demand in the area. In the beginning, it was established that Information Technology Enabled Services, Hospitality, Automobile and Electrical skills were in high demand. CAP YEI recruited and trained youth in these skills, however, subsequent job market demands established through dynamic market scans revealed other sector industries provided opportunities for youth employment. Hola center is among the newest center with its first batch under training which has an enrollment of 25 students.

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CAP youth Empowerment Institute implements Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) model through public-private partnerships for its sustainability and scalability. CAP YEI mobilizes and enrolls qualified target of youth by involving grass root government officials, local CBOs, network of youth organizations, youth and community leaders, and religious gatherings. CAP YEI skills training is guided by labor force demand in each area where our training is located as informed by market scan research and revisits.