Narok Town is a small town in the heart of Maasai land about two and a half hours south west of Nairobi. Narok is the capital of Narok County and has a diverse population of about 40,000 people. Like most places in Kenya it is an extremely friendly town. Narok town is frequented by tourists on their way to the world famous Maasai Mara National Reserve. The Maasai Mara National park is located 30 miles south of the town. Because Narok Kenya is a town in the middle of a rural area there is always an abundance of the freshest produce in the market, and there are plenty of grocery stores and small restaurants. The town is very busy and over the past five years the economy of Narok town has grown exponentially. The people in Narok Kenya are friendly and welcoming and you will certainly enjoy a visit to Narok. Some of the most popular Narok hotels are Maendeleo Parkview Hotel, Osim Country Lodge and Loita Plains Hotel. The distance from Loita Plains Hotel to Masai Mara takes about one and a half hours. On the other hand, you can choose Narok hotels within Maasai Mara such as Sentrim Mara Camp and Basecamp Masai Mara. Safari lodges with the best facilities include the luxurious Ngerende Island Lodge and Mara Sopa Lodge. Most lodges and hotels organize cultural tours of nearby villages. The transport sector within the town has been revolutionized by the entry of motor cycles that penetrate the farms and the villages where majority of the locals live.

CAP YEI Involvement in Narok

Batches Enrolled Total Enrolled Total Trained Total Under Training Total Employed Employment Percentage Entrepreneurs
2 160 159 0 0 0% 0


CAP YEI conducted a market scan in 2016 to establish skills training caps and job market skills needs among the common employers. It was found that Hospitality sector is big economically and there was need for hospitality workers and automobile (2-wheel) sector industries. CAP YEI started a training program in February 2016, to train in Automobile mechanics specifically motorcycles and Hospitality respectively. Since the inception of the center, 2 batches of 160 students was enrolled, 82 trained and graduated, 77 are in internship, and placement into jobs and business start-ups are on-going.

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CAP youth Empowerment Institute implements Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) model through public-private partnerships for its sustainability and scalability. CAP YEI mobilizes and enrolls qualified target of youth by involving grass root government officials, local CBOs, network of youth organizations, youth and community leaders, and religious gatherings. CAP YEI skills training is guided by labor force demand in each area where our training is located as informed by market scan research and revisits.