CAP-Youth Empowerment Institute Kenya (YEI) is a non government organization started in 2011 committed, to train youth out of school in job entry level skills.  This training is operationalized using the Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) model. The first five years project was under the Learn, Earn, and Save Initiative in Sub Sahara Africa—Kenya, supported by the MasterCard Foundation and CAP Workforce Development Institute (WDI). The new five year phase started in September 2016 under the project title Expanding and Sustaining the CAP-BEST Program and Model in Kenya in partnership with MasterCard Foundation. This project is guided by three core objectives:

-To ensure disadvantaged youth acquire life skills, relevant labor market skills, savings education, and small business development.

-To facilitate disadvantaged youth access internship and job opportunities during through institutionalized public-private partnership.

-To ensure youth receive vital pre and post job placement counseling, support, and services including financial as they transition to work.

Mission: To build safer, healthier, and productive communities of young people capable of supporting self-directed growth and positive citizenship

Vision: CAP YEI’s vision is to be an end- to-end community based solutions provider in linking quality learning and sustainable livelihood for vulnerable communities of children and young people

Quality Policy: CAP YEI's foundation’s dedicated professionals commit to address poverty alleviation by linking learning and livelihood needs through innovative mechanisms for disadvantaged youth and women thereby enabling them to access equitable and promising opportunities through adherence to the Quality standards and practices

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