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CAP Youth Empowerment institute (CAP YEI), a Kenyan NGO, has for the past five years been partnering with the MasterCard Foundation to adapt a model for providing employability skills training and support to vulnerable youth in Kenya. The model is known as Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) and was first developed in India. BEST codifies the process of employability training through a nine step cycle focused on giving marginalized youth a pathway to entry level jobs, micro business start up, or further learning. In 2015 the CAP YEI program was evaluated and an analysis of the key success factors carried out. This analysis was partly meant to address an important issue: How can the program be scaled up through third party delivery? The reseachers identified key ‗none negotiable,‘ factors that are necessary for such replication to succeed, a list that essentially included each of the nine steps of the BEST model. This paper starts by providing a summary of these ―non negotiable‖. However the authors go further to point out some critical and often unwritten factors and conditions that are important for the success of market driven models that could help organizational partners better navigate the often fraught process of taking good ideas to scale. These factors have been termed ‗unwritten negotiable‘ being that they are often seen as optional even negotiated away during the process of setting up program implementation relationships. They include respect, openness, communication, inter cultural understanding, organizational cultures, emotional and social support, among others and are illuminated by concrete examples from the CAP YEI experience.

Capyei Statistics

Capyei Statistics


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