Life-Skills facilitation at CAP Youth Empowerment Institute

CAP Youth Empowerment Institute integrates life skills training in its basic employability skills training of youth in all the centers it operates. The students at our centers are taken through life skills training as part of the course, and with time, they have learnt the impact of forming and maintaining peer groups among themselves. The peer groups are essential in for students in assisting each other in assignment and other class work, assisting each other in time of need (e.g. when sick) and checking on each other, and when they are working on assignment and during discussions.

Coast Region Capacity Building

CAP Youth Empowerment Institute is carrying out Capacity Building Programme as a pilot project to sustain the impact it has created with its Basic Employability Skill Training (BEST) model, now CAP YEI is building capacities of the selected Youth polytechnics and TVETS thought out the country during which the participants are taken through the tactical and strategic aspects of the B.E.S.T program model. We also showcase the program’s proof of concept while engaging with the participants on the relevance and challenges associated with its integration within the existing Youth Polytechnic and TVET program structures

Entrepreneurship Day – Eldoret center

Entrepreneurship is a one of the main activities in the CAP Youth Empowerment Institute training; it introduces and promotes youth’s entrepreneurship skills, financial literacy, and overall financial inclusion. Ultimately, it encourages economic empowerment, upward social mobility, and financial inclusion by enhancing youth participation in entrepreneurial opportunities.

During Entrepreneurship day, trainees are presented the opportunity of meeting different mentors in which they showcase their business startups, with the main objective of leveraging local stakeholders support, stimulating discussion, and sharing of information about youth involvement in micro enterprises in their respective regions. This was conducted on 12/08/2014, and was attended by both Kisumu Participants and Eldoret participants at Winstar Hotel in Eldoret town.

News From Mombasa

Mombasa center is one of the facilities at the coast region under CAP YEI.It is found in the coastal town of Kenya. Since its inception the center has managed to conduct training for 4 batches and now a total of 284 youths have been enrolled at the center. Currently, batch 5 is under training with a total of 70 students.The courses offered at the Mombasa center are Hospitality and Customer Relations and Sales. In addition to the common courses covered, IT, life skills and Entrepreneurship are also provided. Over time, we have networked and strengthen our linkages with partners to support us in the field of internship, mentorships, placements, and financial literacy.

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Staff Meeting and retreat

Staff meetings and retreats involve center coordinators meetings and staff refresher training meant to check the progress of implementation of activities and programs. They are also held to resolve issues that may have occurred and are seen to be impeding the running of the program and the organization at large. They are also meant for staff to meet and build relationships through games and discussions of both work and personal experience. This help to build support for each other and for the team work of the organization

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