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    An Alumni of Mtwapa Center working in the Service Department at Hotel having graduated with a certificate in Hospitality.

  • Electrical and Electronics

    Electrical and Electronics Trainees during field learning on Electrical Installations. CAP YEI focuses on Competence Based Education and Training

  • Automobile

    Graduands in Automobile performing repair works in a local garage. They are equipped with both Technical skills and Lifeskills

  • Security

    Security Class from our Mkwanjuni Center during the a graduation ceremony conducting a parade.

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CAP-Youth Empowerment Institute Kenya (YEI) is a non government organization started in 2011 committed, to train youth out of school in job entry level skills. This training is operationalized using the Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) model. CAPYEI is guided by three core objectives:

  • To ensure disadvantaged youth acquire life skills, relevant labor market skills, savings education, and small business development.
  • To facilitate disadvantaged youth access internship and job opportunities during through institutionalized public-private partnership.
  • To ensure youth receive vital pre and post job placement counseling, support, and services including financial as they transition to work..

Featured News

Entrepreneurship Training for Alumni

This is the first training program designed specifically for CAP alumni who have chosen to pursue Entrepreneurship as a pathway to earning a livelihood. The program is open to youth who: 1. Are previous alumni of CAPYEI 2. Completed the BEST model training at least six months ago 3....
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January Intake

All our centers across the country opened on 7th January 2019 and enrollment commenced on the same day. We target youth between 18 and 29 yrs of age who have completed secondary education, or dropped out before completing their secondary education.  The youth must come from vulnerable backgrounds and...
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My name is Janet Kemuma Oncangu. I come from a family of seven members and I am the sixth born in my family and with 23 years. After my KCSE, my parents were unable to raise funds to take me to high school so I stayed at home helping in the farm. One Sunday a CAPYEI facilitator visited our church and gave the information that registration was going on at their centre. I paid them a visit and registered and enrolled for hairdressing and beauty therapy where I learnt how different services are performed, how to handle clients, how to open and run a hair salon and a beauty spa. Learning technical skills at CAP YEI was the best decision I have ever made since it has enabled me to be self-reliant and I can be able to open and run my own hair and beauty business.
CAPYEI taught me life skills which have helped me to know how to communicate, measuring my memories and ability as well as being a good time keeper. Others are decision making and entrepreneurship which has enabled me to understand budgeting and how to control income and expenditure and saving.
My goal is to establish a hair and beauty business to cater for myself and improve my life and employ other youth hence creating employment opportunities.
I thank CAPYEI for the chance to learn with them.
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A natural born leader Obadiah Lempasi underwent security Management Training under the CAP-YEI programme in Nyahururu (batch 9). He refused to let past circumstances define him. Elected by his peers as the batch President, Obadiah chose to tap into his entrepreneurial strength and identified other peers from his batch who mirrored his desire to grow in business.

Together they went into the poultry industry, specifically selling eggs. The business profit margins were good – at least Sh300 per crate. Obadiah and team are now looking at increasing their volumes and to diversification and value addition in future. They are contributing to the poultry value-chain. As a team, they meet once a week to review the business performance, decide on profit share and plough-back in order to grow the business.
Obadiah is single and once the business is stable, he hopes to start a family.

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Meet our alumni Benson Enyaman who was born on 22/03/1997 into a family of four boys and 3 girls. He started his education in 2005, joining Nakukulas Primary School, by enrolling in Nursery class that year, and sat his KCPE in 2013. He joined Morulem Seconadry School in 2014 and sat his KCSE in 2017. Due to lack of school fees to join college, Benson spent the year 2018 doing menial jobs within his village, the same period within which he got married to Betty Losinyeno, with whom together he started a family.
In February 2019, when CAP-YEI launched its first batch of training within Nakukulas village, Benson became among the first to be enlisted into the program. He was issued with enrollment number GIZTL/NK1/D/002. Throughout the training, he expressed strong desire towards entrepreneurship. Upon completion of the training, Ben opted to start a hotel/video show within his village of Nakukulas in August 2019 by using his savings and selling a few of his goats to get started. Right now, he has a semi permanent, a fully functional TV set connected to DStv, seating, a solar panel and a set of batteries.

Benson is working towards operationalizing the hotel part of his business soon. Meanwhile, the video show is fully operational, showing videos and football matches to the enthusiastic youths of the village, enabling him to collect between Sh500-700 per day.
With a young wife and one kid, ambitious Ben is looking forward to a bright future with his business, considering Nakukulas is fast developing into a vibrant center due to oil exploration done here by Tullow Oil.
Benson is infinitely grateful that CAP-YEI brought such a training to his doorstep that unlocked his full entrepreneurial potential and has revived his vision of being an enviable businessman among his peers.
Below is Benson holding his CAP-YEI Training certificate inside his business hall.

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My name is Josephat Kipkoech. I was born in Kabyet Village, Nandi County. I joined Kabisaka Primary for my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and later joined Kabisaka Secondary School for my secondary education.
After completing my secondary education I was staying at home helping my parents do some house chores when my mum heard about CAPYEI and encouraged me to enroll. I enrolled at the Eldoret Centre and later I was chosen to do Hospitality which I trained together with entrepreneurship. After the training, I was taken to Mahindi Hotel Eldoret for attachment for 2 months and later managed to get a job at Weston Hotel Nairobi.

I want to thank CAPYEI since they made me realize my passion and focus on my ambition of working in the hospitality industry. The skills I got have really helped me meet with people that I never imagined I could such as the Deputy President Hon. William Ruto who I meet regularly since I work in his hotel.

Thank you CAPYEI and may God Bless You. We are proud of you Kipkoech as you live your dream. Aim higher.

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My name is Felix Odhiambo. I was born and brought up in Pap-Onditi Location, Nyakach in Kisumu County from a family of 3 members. I am the only boy in our family with two sisters.We were raised up by a single parent whom is my mother. She is not employed and earns a living from casual labour. I completed my secondary education in 2018 after which I went to work in Bricks estate in Kericho County in order for me to earn a living and support my family. On 20th May, I heard about CAYEI from one of our bricks buyers. I went to Kiptere VTC and went underwent the recruitment process successfully and joined the class immediately on that day. I was first introduced to life skills where I learned more about self esteem and goal setting. Inventory Test after Reality talk from facilitators landed me to automobile class in where I learned more about the Automobile mechanics. After 3 months , I had my first attachment at Safari motor Kericho. It took me two months before I was employed at Unilever Limited Kericho.
A big thank you to GIZ and Cap-yei fraternity as a whole for the great work they offered to me. May God bless GIZ for their support to us young people. I kindly request them to continue assisting youth.
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CAP youth Empowerment Institute implements Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) model through public-private partnerships for its sustainability and scalability. CAP YEI mobilizes and enrolls qualified target of youth by involving grass root government officials, local CBOs, network of youth organizations, youth and community leaders, and religious gatherings. CAP YEI skills training is guided by labor force demand in each area where our training is located as informed by market scan research and revisits.