• Placements

    An Alumni of Mtwapa Center working in the Service Department at Hotel having graduated with a certificate in Hospitality.

  • Electrical and Electronics

    Electrical and Electronics Trainees during field learning on Electrical Installations. CAP YEI focuses on Competence Based Education and Training

  • Automobile

    Graduands in Automobile performing repair works in a local garage. They are equipped with both Technical skills and Lifeskills

  • Security

    Security Class from our Mkwanjuni Center during the a graduation ceremony conducting a parade.

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CAP-Youth Empowerment Institute Kenya (YEI) is a non government organization started in 2011 committed, to train youth out of school in job entry level skills. This training is operationalized using the Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) model. CAPYEI is guided by three core objectives:

  • To ensure disadvantaged youth acquire life skills, relevant labor market skills, savings education, and small business development.
  • To facilitate disadvantaged youth access internship and job opportunities during through institutionalized public-private partnership.
  • To ensure youth receive vital pre and post job placement counseling, support, and services including financial as they transition to work..

Featured News

Entrepreneurship Training for Alumni

This is the first training program designed specifically for CAP alumni who have chosen to pursue Entrepreneurship as a pathway to earning a livelihood. The program is open to youth who: 1. Are previous alumni of CAPYEI 2. Completed the BEST model training at least six months ago 3....
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January Intake

All our centers across the country opened on 7th January 2019 and enrollment commenced on the same day. We target youth between 18 and 29 yrs of age who have completed secondary education, or dropped out before completing their secondary education.  The youth must come from vulnerable backgrounds and...
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My name is Sebastian Wachira Kariuki born in Rware ward Kangemiin Nyeri County and the first born in a family of two.
I started schooling in the year 2003 at Kirimara primary School and later joined Rwarehigh School in 2013 and sat for my form four certificate in the year 2017. My mother works as a casual worker in Nyeri County.
Before I joined CAP-YEI I was working at a hotel in Nyeri as a cashier. I was informed about CAP-YEI by my friend who is a CAP-YEI alumni where I later joined in September 2018 to pursue hospitality certificate course. Apart from technical course, I highly benefited from life skill training where I was able to set my personal goals, understand my identity and background and make wise decisions, I also learnt on effective communication skills and also to my personal development and self-esteem.
I was keen during entrepreneurship session, I learnt much on savings and how to start my business, during training I also got involved in income generating activities where I used to bake mandazis and sell to trainees and teachers in school. After training I had saved some money and was able to start my small outside catering business, with support from friends who did hospitality I was able to get referrals for catering jobs and it is now growing and am proud of it, if it was not for CAPYEI my life would not be the way it is now. My objective is to expand my business and empower other youths and my community. CAP youth empowerment institute has really changed my life.
STARTING Capital - 15000
Monthly Revenue - 25000
Monthly Cost - 10000
Monthly Profits - 15000
Monthly savings - 4000

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My name is Joy Nyambura. After my KCSE, I was unable to proceed to the next level of education due to lack of fees. I stayed home helping out in house chores.

I heard about CAP YEI through a friend in April 2019 and after being convinced enough I joined the institution in May 2019. I was taken through life skills training that greatly improved my attitude, boosted my confidence and realized my self-worthiness and potential. I chose Hospitality as my major course where I studied skills in food production, customer service, kitchen management, and housekeeping among others. Furthermore, through entrepreneurship sessions I was able to learn about savings which for it was not a thing of interest in the past.

After 65 days of training I got an internship at Shemeji Hotel and thereafter I was employed there as a waiter.

I would like to thank CAP Youth Empowerment Institute for the opportunity they gave me to revive my dreams of working in the hospitality industry. I am able to provide for my family, my personal needs and also save money so that I can further my education in hospitality management.
We are proud of you as continue in the world of Hospitality.

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My name is Brian Maina. I heard about CAPYEI from social media (Facebook page). In Entrepreneurship, I learned about saving hence learnt how to manage my money. I also learned how to start and manage a business. I took a course in hospitality. After completion of the training, I decided to start a business.
I started the Smart Scratch Entertainment with Sh5000, I used the money to register the business and buy some few assets with some donations from my friends and relatives. I deal with different items including event organizing, outside catering, entertainment, road shows, marketing and wedding planning. Meeting different clients with different needs and preferences increased my creativity and expanded the business. My business is expanding daily. I am aiming at creating and growing my business to reach many parts of the country and employ other young people in this industry as the demand grows . I make a profit of up to Sh50,000 per month. .

CAP Youth Empowerment Institute and MasterCard Foundation have transformed my life and also opened my mind. Now I have something to call my own and it is showing much progress. We are proud of you as you conquer the world of entertainment.

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I am John Theuri, aged 20 and second born in a family of four raised up by a single mother. I’ve struggled through most of my education life. l heard about CAP-YEI from a friend and studied Hospitality at Nakuru centre as my primary course but quickly developed great interest in the EDP lessons. Our tutor constantly encouraged us to start small businesses within the school. With the entrepreneurship lessons and a little knowledge in E-commerce marketing and fashion design, I soon started designing customized success suits for valentine and those of model who prefer lease of suits rather than buying since it’s cheaper.
I now run my company MR OFFERS which deals with fashion after being able to identify my target market – growing SMEs. I tailor my services and pricing to suit my customers, which has given me an edge over the large corporate in the market that forget to go mobile and cater for the user’s needs.

"I am forever grateful to MasterCard foundation and CAP-Youth Empowerment Institute for the support, knowledge, skill, network and exposure given to me in order to succeed in my entrepreneurship journey, I am looking forward to be part of you in changing fellow youths life."
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We are proud of our alumni Milkah Kerubo from Naivasha Centre who is making a positive impact to the world and her family. She continues to render her services diligently to the world of security at Lake Naivasha Resort as a Secretary. Keep the surroundings and the nation safe all the time.
#WhereAreTheyNow #WhatAreTheyDoing

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CAP youth Empowerment Institute implements Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) model through public-private partnerships for its sustainability and scalability. CAP YEI mobilizes and enrolls qualified target of youth by involving grass root government officials, local CBOs, network of youth organizations, youth and community leaders, and religious gatherings. CAP YEI skills training is guided by labor force demand in each area where our training is located as informed by market scan research and revisits.